Turquie : We Prepared Aıd Packages Wıth Our Volunteers

dy yabanci gonullu koli 28112011The students of the United States Embassy School and Pakistan Embassy School and LOSEV volunteers came together in the Embassies of USA, Spain, England, Brazil and Korea to prepare aid packages!

LOSEV continues to provide free treatment and education to the children with leukemia and cancer. LOSEV also sends the families of children with leukemia clothes, nutrition, fuel for heating and furniture while organizing instructive courses and seminars for the families and try to create a social consciousness.

LOSEV’s foreign volunteers in Ankara also helped the preparation of the aid packages. The volunteers came together in the World’s First Village for the Children with Leukemia to prepare aid packages. They had a tour around Health Center, Cancer Search Laboratories, Guest Houses, Family Houses and Production Workshops which are in village and had information about facilities and activities.

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