Turquie : LÖSEV's history

The Foundation for Children with Leukemia was established in 1998. Prior to this, children with leukemia were treated at the Social Security Government Hospital(SSK).After a request for a television set in the children's ward was unable to be granted, the necessity for an organization to cater for the special needs of these children was recognized. This led to the formation of LOSEV.

Initially, even the minor needs of the children were met with difficulty, but the organization has grown into an extensive family, increasing in strength day by day. It has developed and completed many projects, and continues to achieve its goals, making every effort to provide educational, financial, psychological and health support to our children and their families.

In Ankara, on 24 September 2000, LOSEV opened "LOSANTE"-the first and only hospital of its kind for leukemic children in Turkey-, which has been providing support to thousands of children and their families since that date.
A school for children with leukemia has also been established, and support given in order to create permanent solutions and services in the pediatric hematology units of both Eastern and South-Eastern Anatolia.

Today, we are a great family with tens of employee, thousands of children with leukemia and their families and volunteers.