In an effort to mobilize women and girls and to create awareness about breast cancer and women’s health, Simasoh-Nani and four women groups plan to run a campaign of four activities between December 26th and February 05th, 2012. The event which would focus on the effect of mobilization of women and girls, breast cancer, detection, prevention, risk and treatment and to train women nurse in Mali would be held in a relaxing atmosphere for people in churches, mosques, businesses and schools to get the basic information about the ailment.

The name of the event is WORLD CANCER DAY, CANCER CAN BE PREVENTED. It will be a raffle fundraiser, a training, a conference and a pink party.

The main theme of the event is Women’s and Girls’ Health Fair. And its primary goals are to reduce the breast cancer mortality rates among Malian women and increase numbers of women nurse practitioner trained.

The event will ensure that all women and girls do not come to hospital when they are dying but earlier so that doctors and nurses can save them. The brief agenda below sets forth Simasoh-Nani’s World Cancer Day, Cancer Can Be Prevented event. It will start on Monday, December 26, 2011 and will end on Saturday, February 04, 2011.

Breast Cancer Awareness, Raffles and Selling Products Activity (December 26 to February 04)

Day: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Time: 9AM to 5PM

Location: At the entrance and exit of all Famous Restaurants, Hotels, Banks, Schools, Park and Administration.

By: All Members and Teams Simasoh-Nani, Group Almac,Group Adamadeya Djigui and Group Young girls

Prevention and Early Detection of Cancer Save Lives Training

Day: February 04, 2012

Time: 9AM to 3PM

Location: Kenedougou Place, Sikasso, Mali

By: DoctorS

Prevention and Early Detection of Cancer Save Lives Conference

Day: February 04, 2012

Time: 4PM to 7PM

Location: Kenedougou Place, Sikasso, Mali

By: Doctors

Pink Party and Raffle Winners Announcement

Day: February 05, 2012

Time: 4PM to 9PM

Location: Headquarters Simasoh Nani, ACI 2000 Hamadallaye, Bamako, Mali

By: Members and Teams Siamsoh-Nani, Group Young Girls and Adamadeya Djigui