L'emballage neutre : une priorité pour le Politique de santé de l'Union européenne

Tobacco smoking kills more than 650,000 Europeans a year, representing the single largest preventable cause of death and a tremendous burden in economic, social and health costs.

Cigarette packaging: a marketing strategy for tobacco promotion

Packaging is a major tool of tobacco industry marketing. It normalises tobacco consumption, playing a central role in the development of the most deadly epidemic of the 21st century. Faced with growing legislative restrictions on the advertising, promotion and marketing of tobacco products, the tobacco industry continues to develop attractive packages targeting young consumers and women with glamorous images and false descriptors such as 'light' and 'natural'.

Plain packaging: a major public health measure

Numerous studies and evidence show that plain packaging reduces the attractiveness of tobacco products and increases awareness of health warnings. The effectiveness of pictorial and textual health warnings has been proven commensurate with their size. Such warnings are also known to encourage smoking cessation and prevent youth initiation. 

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