4ème Congrès de l'AFSOS du 26 au 28 septembre 2012

visuel 4eme congres AFSOS

Le 4ème Congrès National de l'AFSOS se tiendra du 26 au 28 septembre 2012 à la Maison de la Chimie, Paris 7ème.

Le thème central en sera : "la coordination des prises en charge et certaines actualités scientifiques traitées par les Groupes de
Travail Spécifiques – GTS de l’AFSOS en lien avec les sociétés savantes partenaires."

La coordination nécessaire autour du patient, pluridisciplinaire, pluri-professionnelle, associant
intervenants hospitaliers et libéraux, est l’enjeu majeur de l’organisation des soins, notamment en


Journée mondiale contre le cancer 2013 le 4 février 2013

visuel journe mondiale 4 fev 2013

Chaque année à la date du 4 février, l'UICC et ses organisations partenaires organisent des campagnes dans le monde entier afin de sensibiliser sur le cancer, une maladie qui provoque des millions de morts chaque année, dont beaucoup auraient pu être évités.

Le 4 Février 2012, 248 campagnes ont été organisées dans une soixantaine de pays. Pour connaitre le détail de ces campagnes et suivre celles de l'édition 2013, rendez-vous sur

Félicitations au nouveau President-elect de l'UICC, M. Tezer KUTLUK



Professor M. Tezer Kutluk, MD PhD graduated from Hacettepe University Medical School, Turkey in 1981. He has worked as a postdoctoral fellow and Fulbright scholar at MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA (1992-94). He is a member of ASCO and SIOP. He has served as a leading healthcare executive at Hacettepe University; the Director of Oncology Hospital (1999-2008), President of Institute of Oncology (2004-2008), Member of Senate (2000-2011) and CEO of Hacettepe University Hospitals (2008-2011). He has had long term experience of NGO management in the roles of UICC-Board Member (2008-2012), President of Turkish Association for Cancer Research and Control, (2004-2012), UICC Membership Committee Chair (2010-2012) and President of European Cancer Leagues ECL (2009-2011).


As a practising academic paediatric oncologist, scientist and healthcare executive, I have observed very closely the difficultiesand challenges in improving healthcare. Then, I decided to become involved in NGO and healthcare management. I have been involved in healthcare management at Turkey’s leading hospital, Hacettepe University Hospitals. I have served Turkish Association for Cancer Research and Control (TACRC) since the mid 1980s. I have represented TACRC in ECL and UICC and have long-term experience in collaborating in national and international projects. Regarding the UICC involvement, I have served on the Membership Committee (member, then chair), Strategic Coordination committee, Strategic Advisory committee, Task force for Auspices (Chair), Task force for Awards, My Child Matters steering committee, Global Cancer Control community, World Cancer Declaration working group, World Cancer Day activities, expert panel for cancer organisations for Eastern Europe, and World Cancer Congress committees. Additionally I have chaired different UICC- collaborated national activities in Turkey including world cancer activities, cancer patient forums, Hope Lodge project, UICC capacity building project, translations of UICC resources, and others. My scientificcapacity, communication skills, networking ability and management experience allowed me to contribute to the organisation at national and international levels. During recent years, cancer has been on the global agenda more than before. With this background and motivation I could contribute to the implementation of the World Cancer Declaration targets, policy development, advocacy, member engagement, capacity building and other UICC activities.

Etats-Unis: M. Douglas E. ULMAN

Elections-UICC Douglas-Ulman


Doug Ulman is a three-time cancer survivor and nationally recognised cancer advocate. After overcoming chondrosarcoma and malignant melanoma twice during college Doug and his family founded the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. Doug led that organisation as Executive Director for four years before joining LIVESTRONG as director of survivorship in 2001. In his current role as President and CEO, Doug is responsible for the strategic vision and direction of LIVESTRONG. Doug currently holds numerous civic and charitable board positions across the country and completed a four-year term as the Chairman of the National Cancer Institute Director’s Consumer Liaison Group.


My personal experience as a cancer survivor, coupled with my professional role as the CEO of an organisation focused on survivorship, access to care, stigma reduction, and global advocacy allows me to make significant contributions to the UICC Board ofDirectors.A specificexample of my organisation’s international involvement is the Summit we held in 2009 in Dublin, Ireland. This meeting brought together leaders from around the world to create a global task force aimed at addressing the international cancer burden. Since then. LIVESTRONG has been heavily invested in several international programmes in Mexico, Japan, and South Africa.I believe my involvement in several key UICC priority areas has helped me to contribute both to the organisation and its members. Specificall, my interest in global advocacy following the success of the UN Summit in New York in September 2011 has allowed me to be actively engaged with UICC. Additionally, my interest and involvement in the Global Task Force focussed on access to cancer care is important in moving the UICC agenda forward. Having served one two-year term thus far I have been able to engage in several UICC priority areas including our global advocacy work, as well as convening efforts such as the World Cancer Congress, World Cancer Leaders Summit and World Cancer Day. Currently, I am assisting in the evaluation of several models for moving forward the NCD Alliance. It would be an honour to serve for another term, and I look forward actively participating with UICC in the future.

Japon: Dr Kazuo TAJIMA

Elections-UICC Kazuo-Tajima


Dr Tajima received a medical degree from the Osaka University. He trained in general surgery, anaesthesiology and surgical pathology for 7 years. Then he studied cancer epidemiology and prevention at the Aichi Cancer Center Research Institute (ACCRI). He got a fellowship award from the IARC and took the Master of Public Health course at the Johns Hopkins University in the USA. After finishing this course, he was promoted to the Section Head (1987) and Chief (1990) of the Division of Epidemiology and Prevention at the ACCRI. Since 2006 he has served as the Director of the ACCRI until now.


I established a new entity of the Ethnoepidemiology of Cancer in 1996 and havepromoted ethnicity-specificcancer prevention strategies based on cultural backgrounds of ethnic groups in Asia. I have also established a large scale Hospital-based Epidemiologic Research Programme at Aichi Cancer Center (HERPACC) and challenged molecular epidemiologic studies to clarify gene-environment interaction for main sites of cancer. I have published 723 articles including 455 original papers and edited six books on cancer statistics and cancer epidemiology as example. I am serving the Japanese Cancer Association (JCA) as a member of the Board of Directors and held the 70th Annual Conference in 2011. My co-workers and I founded the Asian PacificOrganisation for Cancer Prevention in 2000 and I served for the last 12 years as Secretary General of the Asian PacificFederation for Cancer Research and Control. I contributed to promoting their continuous activities. I will be able to develop global cancer prevention strategies, especially in Asia. For the UICC, I served as the Chairperson of Programme of Epidemiology and Prevention in 2002-06, the Strategic Leader of Cancer Prevention and Early Detection in Asia in 2006-08 and the Task Force Member and Nominating Committee Member in 2008-10. Since 2010 I have contributed to the UICC as a member of the Board of Directors, promoting activities of the UICC in Japan as a Secretary General of the Japan Committee for the UICC which is consist of 30 academic and anti-cancer organisations throughout the whole of Japan.