Brésil: Dr Luiz Antonio SANTINI

Elections-UICC Luiz-Santini


Dr Santini has been Director General of the Brazilian National Cancer Institute since 2005. His experience includes the direction of the College of Medicine of Fluminense Federal University where he integrated health services with the academic field. He is anadvising editor of Brazilian Journal of Medical Education, associate professor of College of Medicine surgery department and has headed the emergency service of the University Hospital. He contributed to the implementation of the Brazilian Public Health System. He is a member of UICC Board of Directors, the coordinator of National Cancer Institutes Network and Brazilian coordinator of NCI Latin America Cancer Research Network.


My experience in fostering regional cooperation in cancer control such as participating in the creation of Latin American-Caribbean Alliance for Cancer Control and the coordination of the Network of the South American National Cancer Institutes is a great asset that will continue to support UICC work. I have collaborated in the implementation of the UnifiedHealth System in Brazil, which provides medical assistance to 185 million people. As the Brazilian National Cancer Institute General Director since 2005, a branch of the Ministry of Health, I participate in the definitionand implementation of the National Cancer Control Policy, and development of countrywide Cancer Control Networks. I would like to foster my involvement in the best strategies and practices considering cancer as a health public problem in Latin American and Lusophonic African Countries. In addition, I believe in developing partnerships and networks that provide synergy among international institutions such as WHO, PAHO, NCI, IARC, IAEA, EOS, and ACS. I would like to increase my commitment in UICC programmes such as Cervical Cancer Initiative, GAPRI, and Registries and the convening activities such as World Cancer Day and World Cancer Congress. As a current Member of the UICC Board of Directors I have made personal and institutional efforts to increase awareness of UICC capacities. I have met key partners, private and public, to mobilise social communities and properly communicate initiatives under UICC leadership in Brazil and Latin America. I have also participated in the Road Map actions evaluation and analysis of reports presented to the Board of Directors. And finall, I have provided introductions to international institutions involved in cancer control programmes and research, engaging with international agencies to produce synergies and avoiding duplications of effort.