Arabie Saoudite: Dr Samia AL-AMOUDI

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Dr Samia Al-Amoudi is founder and CEO of the Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi Centre of Excellence in Breast Cancer. Dr Al-Amoudi is also Associate Professor at the King Abdulaziz University and Consultant Obstetrician Gynecologist. She is Chairwoman of Women's Health Empowerment (Women's Health Rights) at King Abdulaziz University Saudi Arabia. She is a member of the Breast Health Global Initiative steering committee, a GE Ambassador for the Cause and a Komen Global Advocate.

In April 2006 Dr Al-Amoudi was diagnosed with breast cancer. In March 2007, the US Department of State awarded her the first International omen of Courage Award in recognition of her sharing her personal battle with breast cancer to raise awareness across the Kingdom and throughout the Middle East.


I believe I could support UICC in its efforts towards the global health commitment through my personal and professional experiences. Being a breast cancer survivor, a physician and an advocate from a region where breast cancer is a burden gives me an understanding of the culture and the psychosocial barriers people encounter when fighting cancer in a region where challenges are numerous. I believe in UICCs approach: Together we are stronger.I have worked with the US-Middle East Partnership Programme and with the Breast Health Global Initiative. I am an activist who advocates throughout the Middle East for a better tomorrow for my daughter and every daughter in the world.I think I could make a difference working in UICC advocacy for early detection and screening for breast cancer and to empower women in the region in their health rights particularly breast cancer patients’ rights. Through my work in the media as a writer for the local newspaper and my TV programme I could help in advocating for UICC objectives in uniting global efforts and improving women’s health and quality of life.