Félicitations au Dr Jamal KHADER pour sa réélection au Board de l'UICC

Elections-UICC Jamal-Khader


Dr Jamal Khader is a consultant Radiation oncologist at King Hussein Cancer Center in Amman, Jordan. He is Director of the International Affairs Center and the Director of the Radiation oncology Residency programme, Head of the Lung Cancer Service, and serves on several institutional committees such as the Graduate Medical Education Committee. Dr Khader is a member of local, regional and international committees and associations. He is the Chairman of the scientific committee of the Jordanian OncologySociety, and member of the editorial board of the Pan Arab Oncology journal as well as a member in the Jordanian Chapter of the Mediterranean Task Force for Cancer Control.


Serving as the Director of the International Affairs Center, I have extensive knowledge and network with top regional and international key players in cancer treatment and control. I am also heavily involved in training and education initiatives that work on providing opportunities for our staff in the International arena, as well as training programmes hosted at KHCC for local and regional cancer specialists.As UICC Board Member over the past couple of years I believe that UICC’s presence and impact in the Arab world is of significant importance and aligns well with UICCtargets.  I am proud to represent the Middle East in UICC and represent the UICC in the Middle East. I’m sure I will be able to encourage cancer health workers in this region of the world to be involved actively in different UICC activities.  UICC has significantlyimpacted professionals across the world in strengthening and providing opportunities for training and education.  Being a fellow of the UICC myself I feel it would be of value to work on training, education and fellowship and advocacyprogrammes.Over the past few years of my participation in different UICC activities including my current position as member of Board of Directors, I have been involved in adhoc committees such as fellowship and training committee, the World Cancer Declaration task force, a member of the membership committee beside active participation in the annual Cancer Summits and Board meetings.