Etats-Unis: M. Greg BONTRAGER

Elections-UICC Greg-Bontrager


As the chief operating officer for theAmerican Cancer Society, Greg Bontrager oversees operations for the world’s largest voluntary health organisation. He provides leadership and direction to all functions of the Society, including its expanding global endeavours. He also supervises the Society’s non-partisan 501(c)(4) advocacy affiliate, theAmerican Cancer Society Cancer Action Network. Mr Bontrager has worked for ACS for over 20 years. Since becoming enterprise COO, he has represented the Society at numerous international events and his interest in expanding the Society’s global mission is well known. He presently oversees the Society’s initiative to develop an enterprise-wide global strategy.


The American Cancer Society values its longstanding relationship with the UICC as a member and strategic partner. I would be honoured to contribute my time and talents towards furthering the UICC’s mission, and believe I could do so most effectively in the following priority areas: • Transforming the global landscape for cancer control and impact: In 2010, our CEO Dr John Seffrin announced his intention to strategically reinvent the American Cancer Society by building an ever-better platform for maximizing mission delivery. Dr Seffrin refers to me as his partner in this endeavour and I am proud of my role in providing a more effective, efficient and nimble platform from which to advance the Societys domestic and global mission. • High-level global conferences, roundtables and meetings: As a key member of the Society’s delegations to many UICC conferences and global corporate leadership events in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe, I have engaged corporate leaders on the need to address the global tobacco threat, prioritise cancer control and promote the economic toll of cancer and other NCDs.• The Global Access to Pain Relief Initiative (GAPRI): I am particularly interested in this joint UICC/ACS initiative and would value greater involvement in achieving the goals and objectives of this important collaboration. If elected, I am confidentmy experience and knowledge of the cancer space, as well as the rigours of running a complex organisation within that space, will allow me to contribute greatly to the continued success of this renowned institution.